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    Mike (vrijdag, 23 maart 2018 18:44)

    This camping is the camping i visit when I was younger. Great memories. I remember that there was a open swimming-pool outside. I also remember a renovation of the swimming-pool. In the summer there where always games at night. One of them was BINGO. I also remember a sport field where you could go on to play soccer or something like that. There where also playgrounds with slides and a lot of sand. There is a lake behind the camping. There are a lot of mountains / hills in the surroundings. Walking a bit is the best thing you can do because the surroundings are beautiful. With the car you are able to go to any castle. There is somewhere close a castle what turned into a museum.

    Like I said it's been a long time since I visit this camping and there is a lot changed from what I read from the website. I really do miss the camping and would love to experience it again.

    Rating: 11/10

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    Fred Truijen (zondag, 19 juni 2016 21:37)

    Mooie website geworden Hennie & Dick... goed werk geleverd!!!

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    Dick Sauer (donderdag, 16 juni 2016 20:42)

    Welkom op het gastenboek van Camping Körperich.
    Ik kon het niet laten om dit gastenboek te ontmaagden.